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Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows in New Orleans

Add a special touch to your home. Our custom Bay, Bow, and Garden Windows fill the interior rooms with plenty of fresh air and natural light. In the greater New Orleans area, you can count on The Window Source to provide customizable options for all your niche home improvement ideas.

Bay Windows

If you want to add space and light to a room as well as architectural interest to the exterior of your home, consider a picturesque bay window. They let in tons of natural light creating a stunning panoramic view with big wide windows that project out from the exterior wall.

Typically configured with a wide center picture window and two double-hung or casement windows on either side, our bay windows can be customized to the exact size and configuration you need. These windows make any room look and feel bigger while creating a cozy nook or seating area to curl up with a cup of tea.

Bay Windows
Bay or Bow Windows 

Bow Windows 

Similar to bay windows, bow windows offer more of a panoramic view plus they also let in tons of natural light and, when open, create great air flow. Slightly different from a bay window, our bow windows are comprised of three to six equal sized windows that form a curved bow as they arc out from the exterior wall.

At The Window Source of NOLA, we are able to customize your new bow windows with one or more ventilating casement window units to create the cross breeze throughout your room. Call us to talk with one of our experts or to learn more about either new or replacement bow windows.

Can We Add a Bay or Bow Window as a Replacement?

You bet! Our customizable bay and bow windows can be added to most any size existing picture window. Add a new dimension to any living space with either a bay or bow window that can be installed with little, if any, structural changes.

At The Window Source of NOLA, our windows can be materially tied into an existing overhang, or we can install them with an optional roof assembly. Our talented local artisans ensure all of our installations look like an original part of the construction — not a later add-on.

Why wait? Update both your home’s interior and exterior with a bay or bow window addition.

Bay or Bow Window
Features of Our Bay and Bow Windows

Features of Our Bay and Bow Windows

  • Bay and bow windows add more natural light into your home, plus increased ventilation for year-round comfort.
  • Save money and keep your home comfortable year round with our energy-efficient design.
  • Replacement bay or bow windows feature a 90-degree hinge capability.
  • Double-hung bay and bow windows offer a tilt sash for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Add Cottage Style and Charm with a Garden Window

Give your New Orleans home that special touch with our custom garden windows — they look elegant while increasing cross ventilation air flow and bringing in natural light to any room. 

Projecting out from your home’s exterior wall, garden windows add a feeling of increased space and an abundance of natural light. Plus, they are a great place to display decorative pieces or add green plants. Our garden windows bring the best possible views and are constructed with a center pane and roof with two side panels that open outward with a crank mechanism.

The best part — we can replace almost any existing window with a garden window that will feature glazed roof glass that is weather-tight and leak-proof. To many people’s delight, garden windows are a budget-friendly option that is perfect for over the sink where you can stand while preparing a meal or sipping your morning coffee and enjoy the view.

garden window
garden window in the kitchen over the sink

Garden Windows Can Fit Almost Anywhere

Garden windows are traditionally found in the kitchen over the sink. While this is a terrific place, consider alternatives such as a bedroom or the bath where green plants will thrive in the additional sunshine. In fact, don’t stop with just one— you deserve several garden windows.

Garden Window Features 

  • Our garden windows have superior durability and strength and are well suited for our sometimes harsh Louisiana weather.
  • Each window has functional side windows that open easily and allow in fresh air.
  • Energy-efficient design allows you to save on costs while keeping your home comfortable.
  • Adjustable shelves are available to create multiple configurations.
garden window features

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