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Color & Style Options in New Orleans

What Color Options Does The Window Source Offer?

The Window Source offers multiple exterior window color choices to accent the unique color scheme of your home perfectly. You’ll love the way your home looks. Our knowledgeable sales consultants will go over all the color chips with you that way your color will be exactly what you want.

At the Window Source, you have many combinations of colors and wood grain finishes to coordinate with and enhance the beauty of your home.

Optional custom exterior capping comes standard in white, beige, or bronze. You may also order custom capping colors to coordinate with your home.

Color Options
Decorative Grid Options

You Can Choose From Many Decorative Grid Options

There are many contoured or flat grid options, that come in a variety of different patterns. All grids are integrated inside the insulated glass unit making window cleaning easy. External simulated divided lights are also available. All grids are available in two-tone to coordinate with any available color combination. Window grids are also commonly called grilles. Colonial, Craftsman, and Prairie grilles are popular styles.

Exterior Color Options

Our expanded color palette offers several ways to enhance the overall look of your home. No single color works for every style of home. That’s why we offer plenty of options to complement your siding, stone, brick or stucco. We offer extruded colors, co-extruded colors and heat reflective paint colors. Our paint is outstanding color retention and durability, and is warranted for 10 years against chipping, peeling, blistering and fading. With extruded color options the color is same on both the interior and exterior, or you can get our co-extruded colors, with this option your interior and exterior can be two different colors

Exterior Color
Exterior Color Options
Interior Color
Interior Color options

Interior Color Options

Coordinating with interior décor is important. That’s why The Window Source color options include light colors for neutral palettes and multiple woodgrain options to match wood trim, cabinets and flooring.

Window Grid Options

Consider Colonial window grids in both sashes of a Double Hung Window for a more traditional look. Or you might add a Perimeter pattern to a Casement Window to achieve Prairie styling. We have a variety of grid options to make sure your windows have the style you want. Two-tone window grids are also available to match your windows inside and out.

Window Grid Options

The Perfect Fit for Custom Shaped Windows

Many New Orleans’ homes add architectural interest, detail, and style with uniquely shaped windows that add character and drama. At The Window Source of NOLA, we access an impressive selection of custom shaped windows to match any home’s style requirements.

Whether your home features arched, oval, round, half-round, or octagonal shapes, our custom window replacements are created by shaping vinyl profiles into various geometric forms fitted with our energy efficient glass for outstanding weather performance. Call us to set an appointment with one of our experts to discuss your new architectural or custom shaped windows.

Shapes of Every Size

Our custom shaped architectural windows are available in a variety of configurations, including:

  • Arched windows
  • Circle top windows
  • Octagonal windows
  • Cathedral windows
  • Half circle windows
  • Triangular windows
  • Eyebrow windows
  • Trapezoidal windows

Why Use Local Custom Window Replacements?

We’re from the New Orleans Area and understand the needs in our unique Louisiana environment! At The Window Source of NOLA, we have never had a custom window request that was too elaborate or complex. Rest assured — your custom shaped window replacements will be crafted with precision…from start to finish. Plus, they will include energy-saving upgrades and come with a limited lifetime warranty.

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