At Showcase Custom Vinyl Windows and Doors, we take the weather seriously. Our products are manufactured in Houston, Texas, and sold to dealers throughout the Gulf Coast region. We understand how brutal the weather can be in coastal regions and we manufacture our products accordingly.
  • Our vinyl frames are stronger than those of other vinyl producers, allowing our products to achieve some of the best performance ratings in the business. Our proprietary, custom-made reinforcements and hardware systems allow us to offer premium Impact and hurricane performance at a very reasonable price.
  • Showcase products have been tested all along the Gulf Coast, against some of the toughest hurricanes the United States has ever seen. Our products have passed with flying colors, withstanding the likes of Hurricanes Katrina, Rita, Ike and others.

Laminated Glass Technology

Our laminated glass consists of annealed, heat-strengthened or tempered glass with one or more transparent, high-strength interlayers bonded together to create a stronger, sturdier glass unit.


May crack under pressure, but tends to remain integral, adhering to the plastic vinyl interlayer.


Shatters completely under higher levels of impact energy, and few pieces remain in the frame.


Breaks easily, producing long, sharp splinters.

Whether you want your laminated glass to meet hurricane codes, provide home security, or reduce noise, we offer a product to meet your requirements, delivering a level of security and serenity that can’t be realized with ordinary glass.

TDI Certified and Tested

Showcase products are tested by an independent laboratory and certified by TDI (the Texas Department of Insurance) for both replacement and new construction applications. Our Impact products are available in a variety of colors.

We take great pride in the extraordinary reputation our products have earned, and we back them with world-class service and an excellent warranty. So, make The Wise Choice, select Earthwise 143 products for your Impact window and door needs, and enjoy some peace of mind.

Protection From Break-Ins By Vandals, Burglars and Weather:

Repeated blows from bats, crowbars, hammers or bricks may cause the glass to crack. The PVB interlayer holds glass together and the pane within the frame, making access to the home interior difficult. In a hurricane, window integrity isn’t compromised. Meets ASTM F-1223 (class 1) forced entry standard.

Shielding From Ultraviolet Rays:

All things tend to fade when subjected to prolonged sun exposure. The laminated insulating glass in the 143 Window Series helps protect fabric, furniture and other items in a home from degradation by blocking the majority of UV rays, while still allowing light to shine through.

Greatly Reduced Sound Transmission:

Acoustic studies show reductions of up to 50% in the transmission of outside noise, compared to ordinary glass. This makes for a more peaceful and restful home, regardless of location.


Proven Resistance to Penetration From Flying Debris:

Standardized missile testing shows our windows resist repeated blows by a 9 pound, 10 Ft, 2×4 beam traveling at 34 mph. They have resisted wind velocities of 171.54 mph. No need for ungainly plywood, or telltale metal shutters. Meets CPSC, CFR 1201 and ANSI Z97.1 safety glazing standards.

ENERGY STAR® Performance:

In order to reduce solar heat gain intake and reduce heating and cooling costs throughout the year, the 143 Window Series meets ENERGY STAR® requirement.